Trilogy brings ideas, opportunities and capital together

Headquartered in London, UK Trilogy has established a proprietary trading house and independent provider of market trading research and education. Our unique methodology integrates the study of cycles, quantitative models and technical forecasting. By combining the field of Digital Signal Analysis and Technical Analysis we have developed software that can accurately predict market moves over a short to medium-term time frame.

We provide advanced tools and indicators, customized radar, research, real-time live one-on-one advice, customized strategies, algorithm and automation training along with real time performance of our trading activity which will be available via our web platform and through a smart phone app in the near future.

The Software 

Trilogy prides itself on managing its own assets privately and providing the trading community with tools to help enhance trading performance. Our proprietary Trilogy software constantly monitors numerous currency pairs, indices and other markets and performs technical analysis. The software leverages proven leading theories, to give each market a score in real time using a proprietary scoring system. Score dependent, a small percentage of the portfolio is invested into several trades to diversify and mitigate risk

Due to the reservations in the market regarding ‘black box’ systems and automated trading algorithms we refrain from selling the system. However, we believe that the ’auto pilot‘ concept is extremely beneficial to traders, as computers can respond and monitor many factors simultaneously making trading much more efficient; this ultimately leads to more accurate trades and a higher return. That being said, the volatility experienced in 2008 and over the last few years is a clear sign that a pilot must exist in order to avoid fundamental changes in the world that affect the markets in ways that could not possibly be back-tested.

In our opinion, strong money management, a solid trading system and a disciplined trader offers a promising risk-reward scenario, helping deliver the most value to our clients. Trilogy aims to provide a personal service to help traders develop their own strategies using the proprietary Trilogy Trading Tools.